Baby Quaker Talking Parrots, 3 Months Old

//Baby Quaker Talking Parrots, 3 Months Old

Baby Quaker Talking Parrots, 3 Months Old


Baby Green Quakers, around 14 to 16 weeks old very easy to start taming them at this age. The Quakers are full of character, playful and you can teach them to do many tricks. Quakers are very good talkers and are able to say quite a few words. Quakers are very good around children and make a fantastic pet for first time buyers.

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Product Description

1Baby Quaker parrots are the best pets. They are intelligent and playful. Before bringing these cuties home or thinking of breeding them with a mate, read this article so that you will be aware of minute details of the procedure. They are the best addition to your home and you will not regret for even once.

Baby Quaker Talking Parrot:

Baby Quaker parrots are also known as Quaker monk parakeets because they are intelligent, talkative and mischievous parrots. By all mean Quaker parrots are the best addition to your family. But before bringing them home or thinking of pairing them for breeding, here are few aspects to keep in mind.

Baby Quaker talking parrot care:

Baby Quaker parrots need constant love and attention from the owners. You should keep an extra eye on these cuties because they have this strong and mastered habit of stealing small objects like pens, paper scraps and even eyeglasses because of their instinct of collecting material and making nest out of it. You should consider a good breeder for acquiring this bird as a pet. Speaking of breeders, if you are living anywhere in UK and you want to have information about good parrot breeder in the UK look no further because we are here at your service. Mostly our birds are parent fed, bred and raised in a loving homely environment. We are based in Birmingham and we hope you will be more than satisfied by the pets.

Like us food is one of the most important things in baby Quaker parrot’s life. Try giving your Quaker parrot a diverse diet options. They are good eaters, do get moody sometimes but they love eating variety of food throughout the day. They prefer nuts, fresh vegetables, fruits and also mix pallets. Remember not to give them avocado as they are toxic for these innocent angels.

Quaker Parrot breeder:

They are by far the easiest of all birds to breed. Unlike other parrots, they are easily bonded with any mate provide to them. Our recommendation is to buy several young Quaker birds and place them in a single large cage with a lot of Conure sized nest let them choose their mate by their own and breed with them.

These birds are matured (sexually) in the age of 13 to 18 months. With the ever growing demand of these pet friends, they can be easily breed because they can withstand extreme temperatures and becomes a viable breeding option for almost anyone. Try leaving them in breeding and incubation period and if you don’t, they protest loudly. You have to be super careful while handling eggs because Quakers may abandon eggs even break them if they see you anywhere near their cage. Give them a diet rich in Vitamin and Calcium also have a proper adjusted light during their breeding season.

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