Baby RingNeck Talking Parrot

//Baby RingNeck Talking Parrot

Baby RingNeck Talking Parrot


Baby Green Indian Ringneck is a very popular parrot as its one of the cheapest parrots in price. They are good talkers and you can teach them many words. The best age to rehome around 4 to 5 months old as before that they are too weak and not ready to be re-homed especially with first time buyer and they are not very good around children as they are a bit frightened. We have baby Ringnecks available throughout the year but we don’t recommend young Ringneck Parrots for first time buyers but alternative parrot would be a Quaker parrot.

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Price: Green ring neck for £150 each

Brand new Good size Top open cage available for Extra.

Parrots come with care sheet and Article, Please bring a pet carrier or you can buy one from our pet store

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Product Description

  1. Baby Indian Ringneck Talking Parrots:

Bringing home baby ringneck talking parrot is super exciting for the owners, but like everything else there are few pitfalls that need to be addressed. This article is a precise elaboration on keeping care of ringneck parrots and few amazing facts about this little bundle of joy.

Baby ringneck parrot care:

When you bring your ringneck parrot friend at home from store the first 2 things to consider is the health and diet pattern of your parrot. If your parrot sits with ruffled feather, watery eyes or runny nose it is highly recommended to contact your seller or vet. Ringnecks among all the parrots are good eaters. They eat almost everything you give them, even the peels of vegetables. They are easy to tame and do not get much mood swings like other parrots do.


Here are top 5 facts about baby Ringneck talking  parrot facts:

  1. They can be super affectionate
  2. They might go through a “bluffing” phase
  3. These aren’t parrots they are parakeets
  4. They are available in so many eye catching colors
  5. They are one exceptional talkers

Indian Ringneck Breeder in Birmingham, UK:

If you are looking for the best and most reliable breeder in the UK, you have come to the right place. We make sure that the parrot breeds in right environment. Our parrots are healthy, clean and have been bred in place that makes them feel closer to their niche. Our service is nothing but pure excellence so the next time if you are looking for parrot from one of the best breeders in Birmingham, we work very closely with many breeders so do not forget to scroll us down.

Indian Ringneck breeder UK:

So let us tell you a little about breeding of the ringneck. Ringneck parrots are marvelous parents and need a lot of privacy. The cages for breeding season should be double wired because ringneck are known to argue a lot with neighbor ringneck at this season. Check the nest regularly during breeding season. You must also know that females are the boss in the ringneck partner. If female doesn’t like the male you have given them, she might end up killing him. Keep a close eye on the pair; try to clip the female’s wings so that the male gets a chance of getting away when she is angry. Try to take out the babies till 8 weeks only if you can hand rear these babies because at this time the ringneck couple also tries to kill their own babies.

Baby ringneck talking parrot are loved by almost every family member, they are talkative and active throughout their life session. In this article we have talked generally about their behavior during breeding season and few facts about them.

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