Golden Mantle Rosella


The golden-mantled Rosella is a gentle, easy-going bird, making them an ideal family pet. It is not a cuddler, and will not stand for much petting, but will be content to ride around on your shoulder and enjoys human interaction. The golden-mantled Rosella’s are very good singing bird and  can talk few words.





The most colorful and vibrant parrot of the Rosella species. The golden mantle Rosella is popular for use in both indoor and outdoor aviaries. Here at Birds4U pet shop, our Rosella’s are between 4-5 months old. This is the perfect age for taming and teaching. They can speak and mimic a few words and sounds. Handling and continual human interaction is good for their development and training. Rosella’s are very good singers and are highly vocal. They are likable for their gentle nature and temperament, they enjoy wandering during exercise as well as bathing, chewing and exploring, toy and perch variety can help keep them active and stimulated. Highly skilled flyers they are very active and intelligent birds and enjoy roaming frequently. A very hardy species, offering space and a varied diet allows them to thrive, however they are resistant to many diseases so can be easily cared for.

Also called the Eastern or white-cheeked Rosella they are native to Australia and the surrounding islands. The golden mantle Rosella parrot is around 12 inches long, holding a slender appearance. Their feather colours make them a stunning bird to add to your collection. Sporting a multi-coloured plumage including a bright red nape and neck, white beak and a long tail. Golden mantle Rosella parrots will  breed easily in a domestic setting. They can kept in a breeding pair, with many breeders found within the UK.

We stock both males and females at Birds4U and can offer expert advice on housing, feeding and general care for your bird, please Contact us for more information or visit our Facebook page for livestock availability and updates.

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