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Baby Jenday conure Parrots,

Around 3 to 4 month old young babies, this is the best age to tame and teach them to talk.

There very friendly, play full and very clever birds full of character.

very healthy, neat and clean fully feathered parrots that are kept indoors in a clean environment.

Viewing most welcome and we recommend that you visit and see all of the parrots available to make a selection of your choice or delivery can be arranged anywhere in the UK, Wales and Scotland. For a delivery quote you can select an item and then go to the basket and calculate your delivery

Price: Jenday conure for £325 each.

Brand new Good size Top open cage available for Extra.

Parrots come with care sheet and Article, Please bring a pet carrier or you can buy one from our pet store

We are based at  35 New town Shopping Center, Aston, Birmingham, B19 2SS.

Our opening timings are Monday to Sunday 10.30 to 6:30pm

For more information please contact us on 07400944876


Product Description

Jenday Conure Babies:

Jenday Conure is one of the most popular species of birds, and has been kept as pets for many years. The reason behind popularity of this bird according to us is because of the bright colors and exotic beauty. Most of our customers are attracted to jenday Conures because of their incredible looks. We have had many happy feedbacks regarding jenday Conure’s other endearing characteristics. If you are thinking about buying one for your family, read this article and you will get to know so many things which you didn’t know before regarding this specie.

About us:

We are based in Birmingham, if you belong anywhere in the UK, Wales & Scotland please feel free to contact us anytime. We are the most famous Conure breeder in Birmingham. We are known for our excellent service and healthy birds, these birds are around 3 to 4 months old. At this age the birds are not tamed, so right after you take them home you can easily tame them according to your wish.

Jenday Conure Care:

Jenady Conure has a cuddly, comical and playful personality. Jenday Conure behavior is generally friendly but if not tamed well they tend to get a bit aggressive. These parrots gets easily attached to the house members and prove to be real good pet companion.

We recommend all the new users to install two perches in to the cage of the Conure, add toys in the Jenday Conure cage which will entertain them when you are out of the house. For slaying a happy and healthy life, jenday Conure need a lot of exercise.  We will strongly suggest you to add an exercise outlet in the cage of jenday Conure. Just like other parrots, jenady Conure diet must include pelleted food, fresh fruits or vegetables and nuts like hazelnuts and peanuts etc. You can also place a mirror in the jenday Conure’s cage as it can keep your Conure confused, try to do this after your parrot has fully bonded with you.

Jenday Conure Talking Ability:

For enhancing the talking ability of jenday Conure, we will suggest the owners to keep some patience. Their speaking skill is not initially that strong but with time they enhance this skill. There vocabulary is not much extensive and they will only learn a handful of words, they make different sounds and sing. If anytime you get irritated with the noise, then you can cover the cage and the jenday Conure will be quiet.

jenday Conure lifespan:

The average life expectancy of this beautiful bird is around 15 to 20 years. In some exceptional cases, the jenday Conures also lived up to 30 years of age. It totally depends on how much you care for your jenday Conure.

Jenday Conure Cage setup:

Just like we are attached to our house in millions of ways, jenday conure cage is kind of a personal space for your bird. Make sure to keep the cage in living room and far away from the kitchen. You need a cage that provides a lot of space to your Conure pet. We also offer jenday Conure suitable cages for sale.


Jenday Conure is generally known for exotic colors and playful nature. They are not very large in size but are super easy to tame. We are based in Birmingham, our birds are neat and clean. Our offered price range for every bird is very pocket friendly. If you are planning to buy Jenday Conure for you house, do give our website a visit and contact us for any further information.

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